Who We Are

Who doesn’t love the fun of sharing with their pets? 

Whether it’s a lap or chair, our beds or a tasty table scrap, bonding with our pets exudes a burst of shared joy.  Our enthusiasm blossoms.  Our pets keep begging for more.  Life feels good in the moment.

The idea came about when two dog-loving loving bakers with 100 years of combined experience set out to create a blanket of smiles along with some serious tail wagging or purr producing taste treats.

The products are vegan, all natural, as tasty as anything, but also delivering a mutual bounce of health filled nutrition to pets and their owners.  Share the goodies. Get the benefits together and dive into pet family fun.

Hemp Bakery chews are the offspring of a bakery treat that was popular with human foodies.  Since pets always want what their owners are eating, the idea was to change the flavors and the shape, add a recommended dose of broad spectrum CBD, and create a heart shaped chew that is meant to deliver layers of goodness.  No more sharing chips or ice cream with our Kitties or pups.  Hemp Bakery has your back and your pet’s back too.

Love Fur All marries the best of clean baking and carefully chosen ingredients with today's plethora of active ingredients that offer  a myriad of health benefits. Our products are full of flavor, full of good nutrition, and full of heart.